September 2016
Evergreen Entrance

We are looking forward to spending time with your family and working with each other this year, along with getting back to our school year routines. Following is a list of all the staff to help you put our names with our faces:

Robin Curry Morning toddler preschool teacher
Emily Campbell

T/TH Morning aide with toddler class
Afternoon teacher with toddler group

Mary Gordon

M/W/F Morning aide with toddler class

Jan Domer-Shank

Morning three-year-old preschool teacher

Bailey Smith

Morning aide with three-year-old class
Afternoon teacher with school age group

Courtney Grey Morning teacher with three/four-year-old class
T/TH Afternoon teacher with four/five-year-olds
Lisa Hoelle Morning four-year-old preschool teacher
Mary Ann Hart

Afternoon teacher with four/five year olds

Diane Kinney

Monday through Friday Pre-K teacher

Sue Sheets M/W/F Afternoon teacher with three/four-year-old group
Valerie Reynolds M/W/F Aide with Ms. Courtney and Ms. Lisa’s A.M. classes
Sharla Dunham Afternoon teacher with school age group
Jill Gordon

Director – Please feel free to call or see me to share concerns, problems, or ideas. I plan to be in till 6:00 P.M. on Tuesdays and Fridays this year. My weekly schedule, with updates, is posted on the Parent Bulletin Board. My cell number is 937-829-3261.


Thanks to all parents who helped sell or buy flowers and gift cards from Knollwoods last spring. We installed new toilets upstairs and also in the toddler room with the flower sale profits.
We also put down new cove base in the upstairs hallway after painting it.
We really appreciate all your support!


This first newsletter of the year is full of information and reminders – some things may apply to you, some may not.  Please read all of it though and I promise next month’s newsletter will be much shorter!

We will plan many special activities, field trips, and special days throughout the year. We cannot plan every activity for both M/W/F and T/TH sessions; however, we do plan an equal number of activities for both sessions of comparable excitement and interest.

There is a sign up sheet for parents of children in the morning classes to send in party treats. You will find these sheets posted outside your child’s first classroom.

If you sign up for parties, you do not have to attend, just send in the item needed (usually a party snack, or a party favor, or cups & napkins.) Please see your child’s teacher for healthy party snack suggestions. Also, we have noticed that ice cream treats are an easy and healthier alternative to cupcakes - and favored more by children!

Please call when your child is not coming to Evergreen. This is especially important for those children coming for after school care. When any of those children do not get off the bus, we make every effort to contact you to find out where that child is so that we can determine if your child has missed the bus or has gotten on the wrong bus. If your child is home sick or you plan to pick him/her up at school, please let us know so we do not spend needless time looking for him/her.

If your child will be bringing breakfast and you want us to serve it, you need to arrive by 8:00 A.M. Also, remember to mark food containers and lunch boxes with your child’s name.

bear If your child stays for nap, he/she will need a blanket, travel-size pillow and/or a stuffed animal (optional) sent in a pillow case for storage. We are required to send nap items home each week to be washed. Also, remember to mark these items with your child’s name.

We provide a snack between 2:00 – 2:30 for the children who come for after school care. However, some of those who stay at Evergreen later into the afternoon seem to get hungry again. If your child is here later and if you would like to send an extra snack, we will give them the opportunity to eat it. However, please send healthy snack items, not candy and junk foods.

On most days between 3:45-5:00, we we provide a homework area for school age children. It is voluntary that the children go to this area. If you want your child to make use of this option, please encourage him/her. With supervision, we can look up homework information on our iPad, but we will not give wifi access to the children. Let us know if you need additional assistance with homework issues.

If your child is outside when you pick up, please stop inside to sign out. Next have a staff member radio outside to your child’s teacher to verify who is picking up.
Remember that we will have to ID anyone picking up that we do not know. Considering that we occasionally have substitute staff, this could happen at any time. Also, it is extremely important that you follow handbook procedures for dropping off and picking up your child. DO NOT LEAVE OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD UNTIL YOU SEE THAT A STAFF MEMBER HAS ACKNOWLEDGED HIS PRESENCE OR HIS DEPARTURE.” Please bear with us for your child’s safety.

Evergreen playground

PLEASE do not let your child bring toys to Evergreen. They too easily become lost, broken, or a source of conflict. We do, however, allow children who are in first grade or older to bring DS and other age appropriate electronics on Fridays and play days. They will be allowed to use them for limited times on those days. Remember to mark all electronic parts with your child’s name. Please no cell phones or devices that have the capability to be online.

hallWe will have Webby tumbling classes offered on Tuesday afternoons. There is information hanging on the PARENTS’ BULLETIN BOARD for those interested.

If you have misplaced your Evergreen handbook, you will find another one on top of the mailboxes. It may answer some questions that you have or some that may come up throughout the year.

You will find in your mailbox a copy of our current lunch/snack menus for those of you who like to keep track of this at home. If you choose to pack your child’s lunch, please try to pack a nutritious meal. We are required by law to check these lunches and supplement them if necessary so that they include at least one item from each food group and a fruit and vegetable. Also, foods should be cut to avoid being a choking hazard for younger children.

peanutsPlease note too that Evergreen is going “peanut butter free” due to a serious allergy. Please do not pack peanut butter in your child’s lunch or breakfast. Peanut butter should also be avoided when sending in special birthday treats or party snacks.


We ask that all children have an extra change of clothing and an old pair of shoes here on hand. This makes bathroom accidents, spills, etc. easier to handle.

Please check the collection of lost and found items from the summer, which can be found in the office. We will be giving them to Goodwill at the end of the month.

The preschool part of our day starts promptly at 9:00 A.M. For those of you who come for those classes only, you may drop off between 8:30-9:00.

Scholastic Book Club – Although we do the “SEESAW” bookorders each month on site, parents are able to access Scholastic online and order from Seesaw as well as various other book clubs online. Evergreen will still receive book points from the orders online, and the books will still be delivered to Evergreen.

Recycling Ink and Toners – Evergreen collects ink cartridges/toners. We are part of the Office Depot recycling program. When we recycle with them, we receive discounts or money towards supplies that Evergreen purchases. Please drop off empty toner/ink to the office.

Campbell’s Labels for Education – This program is much like “box tops for education”. Evergreen will collect certain Campbell’s UPC’s and receive points for each one we collect. We then can cash in our points and buy education supplies etc. through a catalog they provide. There will be a collection bag in the hall and kitchen marked “Labels for Education”.

I will send out a parent email at the end of each week. If you don’t receive yours in the first week or two, please let us know.



5 CLOSED for Labor Day
6 Mrs. Kinney’s to Cox Arboretum’s Butterfly House

Lisa’s class to Cox Arboretum’s Butterfly House

10-11 Beavercreek Popcorn Festival- Stop by to see Evergreen’s booth!
22 Wright State University’s Robotics demonstration for Afterschool groups

Greene Co. Parks Apple Cider presentation for preschool classes

Monthly Art Corner: This month we will talk about “What is Art” (sculpture; mobile, painting, etc.). Then we will talk about color.



To be added to the Evergreen e-mail reminder service, e-mail with name of your child & teacher.

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