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WELCOME TO THE SUMMER PROGRAM AT EVERGREEN! We have five different groups this summer. We welcome back some staff members who only work in the summer but otherwise, there are no new staff this summer. Lisa will have the toddlers every morning. Mary will be the aide with that group on M/W/F, and Erin will be an aide with that group on T/TH mornings. Emily will continue to have this group every afternoon. The preschool group upstairs will have Kelly in the A.M. and Mrs. Hart in the P.M. Sharla will have the youngest school age group and Suchita will be their leader on Mondays. Courtney will have the next oldest school age group and be with Bailey on Tuesdays. The oldest school age group will be having Robin as their leader on Monday through Thursday and Bobbie Carpenter will be their leader on Fridays. Jan will be here to help with early morning supervision as well as lunch. Ashley and Calliope will work with just about any group, as they will have the job of vacation sub. Carol Green is the field trip aide. Mary will be our cook and picnic packer.

tennis shoesSAFETY: This summer your child will be running, jumping, climbing, leaping, skipping racing, etc., and the mulch can puncture thin-soled footwear. SO PLEASE, no flip-flops, sandals or clog type shoes! It just isn’t safe. TENNIS SHOES or other shoes that totally protect their feet are best. However, flip- flops could be packed as a swim supply for pool trips.

bear in bedTOYS FROM HOME: Children, including toddlers, are not to bring toys from home unless there is something specified on their calendar or they stay for nap, in which case they may bring a SOFT doll or stuffed animal, a SMALL blanket, and a SMALL pillow, if desired. Everything should be marked with their name, be in a standard-size pillowcase, and stay on their cot all week. Please take it all home on the last day of your week to be laundered.

CALENDAR ACTIVITIES: Please make sure to get your monthly activity calendars. If yours is missing from your mailbox or you need two copies, please ask for one. We always have extras. You will not be able to survive the summer without it! Please sign the field trip permission sheets each month. We cannot take your child on field trips unless you have signed permission sheets. Field trip times are on your child’s activity calendar. Please make special arrangements with us if you have any conflicts with these times.

EVERGREEN T-SHIRT: They are available in the office. Cost is $7.00 (no tax). These are needed for ALL field trips including swim trips.

SwimmerSUPPLIES: Please have the children bring water play or swim supplies and a change of clothing to keep at Evergreen. If your child already has a change of clothing in his hallway hook, remember to update it for the proper size and for summer weather. Extra shoes and socks would be nice too, due to lots of outdoor play.

SWIM SUPPLIES: Swimsuit, towel, Evergreen T-shirt (mark name on label), plastic or waterproof bag marked with name in which to place all items.

READING TIME: This summer we are once again going to set aside time every day for each class to spend time reading. Feel free to let your child bring in a book from home if he/she is in kindergarten or older for this special time. Remember to mark personal books with your child's name. Also, the Greene County Bookmobile will be coming to Evergreen on most Fridays. They plan to allow the children to check out a book.

flagMONAY, JULY 4th - We will be closed.

MENU: We are planning new menus to compliment the summer weather and continue our push to offer healthier choices. There is a copy of the menu on the back of your monthly calendar. Please note that we are trying to plan a “beach towel lunch” occasionally. This means that we will eat outside, weather permitting, and you should keep a beach towel in their cubby for this purpose. If you chose to pack your child’s lunch, please include an ice pack as needed. We do not have extra refrigerator space for these lunches.

SUN SCREEN & BUG SPRAY: If needed, please use one of the long lasting sunscreens on your child EVERY MORNING. If you feel that he/she will need a second application, we will only reapply it once a day (after lunch) with a product which we will provide. On field trip days to the pool, we will try to reapply it as often as needed. The same applies to bug spray. Please apply it in the morning. It is required that you fill out the attached medication form if you need us to apply either product. Both products must be non-aerosols according to state rules.

FUN! FUN! FUN! We are looking forward to another great summer filled with lots of great activities – some new- some old favorites. Let us know if you have ideas to share, junk to donate for crafts, or input to make. We would appreciate it! Make sure to "like" Evergreen Children's Center on Facebook because we will be posting pictures of activities throughout the summer. We will also still be planning monthly family forest activities so watch for posted details on those throughout the summer.



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