Snow Day



WHAT TO WEAR TO SCHOOL: Think of your child’s comfort - provide simple clothing that is free of complicated fastenings. Think of the messy art materials - provide clothing that is washable. Think of our playground - provide clothing that is sturdy and perhaps shorts under dresses. Think of your child being outside - provide jackets or coats suitable for the weather as well as tennis shoes or other shoes that totally protect the feet. Finally, think of our collection of unlabeled, unclaimed clothing - label all outer garments, including hats and boots with your child’s name.


If Beavercreek Schools are closed, then Evergreen preschool is cancelled. However, we are open for child care. If the public schools are on a delay, we will begin all our classes at the usual time of 9:00. If Beavercreek Schools are on a delay and cancel their public preschool, Evergreen preschool IS NOT CANCELLED and will begin at our usual time. In some extreme weather it may be necessary for us to close for child care as well. In those situations, a cancellation for Evergreen will be posted on local news stations.


We believe in taking the children outdoors throughout the year as much as possible. Also, state rules mandate that we shall provide outdoor play in suitable weather for children in attendance for four or more consecutive hours. School age children will be provided outdoor play if in attendance two or more consecutive hours. If your child is well enough to be in school, he should be well enough to go outside. However, we will not go outside when it is raining or if the center is aware of any threatening weather conditions. Also, we will not go out when the temperature is below 20°. Our feeling is that the fresh air - even when cold - is good for children. It is the hot, stale, indoor air that is more conducive to illness. Vigorous outdoor exercise helps to combat illnesses as well as aid in growth and development. We also believe it is extremely beneficial to have direct experiences with nature and we strive to be part of the national movement to "leave no child inside". Through the use of our large diverse playground and the adjacent land lab, we are able to provide those beneficial outdoor experiences with nature. If there are any special circumstances which would require that your child stay indoors please bring a doctor's note or see the director. On days when we cannot take the children outside, we will plan alternate large muscle activities indoors.


  • Send hats, gloves or mittens for younger children, and boots when necessary
    (snow pants or suits are especially nice).
  • Label all items permanently.
  • When your child wears shoes-boots, send an extra pair of shoes for indoor play.



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