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Evergreen Staff 2017-2018

Evergreen Staff
Robin Curry Morning toddler preschool teacher
Caty Saunders Morning Toddler Aide
Jan Domer-Shank Morning three-year-old preschool teacher
Courtney Grey Morning teacher with three/four-year-old class
T/TH Afternoon teacher with four/five-year-olds
Lisa Hoelle Morning four/five-year-old preschool teacher
Diane Kinney Morning four/five-year-old preschool teacher
Emily Campbell

Afternoon teacher with toddler group
AM Preschool Aide

Jenn Nickels

M/W/F AM Preschool Aide

Erin Friel T/TH AM Preschool Aide
Sue Sheets M/W/F Afternoon teacher with three/four-year-old group
Mary Ann Hart Afternoon teacher with four/five year olds
Sharla Dunham Afternoon teacher with school age group
Bailey Hutton-Smith Afternoon teacher with school age group
Renzhi McGrew

M/W/F Afternoon aide

Liz Halfpap

T/TH Afternoon aide

Mary Gordon Cook; Assistant Director
Jill Gordon Director - Please feel free to call or see me to share concerns, problems or ideas. My plan is to be in until 6:00 P.M. on Mondays and Thursdays this year. However, updates will be posted on the Parent Bulletin Board. My cell number is (937) 477-7871.



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